Advanced GD&T

Course Outline

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to cover advanced applications of GD&T for Engineers.

Course Length

24 Hours (Includes Workshop)


Advanced Geometric Tolerancing for Engineers by Gary K. Griffith


Intermediate GD&T Training Completed

  • Typical Problems to Avoid
  • Degrees of Freedom
  • Selecting Functional Datums
  • Design Applications Workshop
  • Complex Datums
    • Secondary Alignment
    • Virtual Datums
    • Pattern Datums
  • Applying Modifiers (MMC, RFS, LMC)
  • Tolerance Analysis Workshop
  • Complex Position Tolerances
    • Additional Tolerance—MMC Datum
    • Additional Tolerance—Virtual Datum o Complex Position Tolerances continued
    • Best Fit Patterns
    • Composite Tolerances
    • Common Versus Separate Requirements
  • Advanced Profile Tolerances
  • Functional Gage Designs
  • Tolerance Stackup Analysis
  • Workshop
  • Linear
  • Sub-Assembly
  • GDT Effects on fit and stackups
  • Final Assembly Stackup Problem