Quality Technician's Handbook 6th EditionThe Quality Technician’s Handbook (Sixth Edition).

An ASQ best-seller, THE QUALITY TECHNICIAN’S HANDBOOK, 6/e covers the core skills that contribute to ongoing quality at the technician level. More comprehensive than competitive texts, it breaks down technical topics into easy-to-follow directions, many of them presented with step-by-step instructions and intuitive visuals.

Measuring & gaging Geometric Tolerances (Second Edition).

This book covers the introduction, interpretation, applications, and measuring and gaging methods for geometric tolerances.

Advanced geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (Sixth Edition).

This book is for Engineers who are already conversant with GD&T. This book covers Design Applications, Tolerance Analysis, and Tolerance Stackup Analysis. Included are practice problems and soltuons. It also come with a Solutions Guide.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing—Applications and Inspection (Third Edition).

This book assists readers in understanding geometric tolerancing symbols, interpretation, drawings and inspection methods. An accessible writing style covers GTD and is accompanied by clear and complete photos of setups, drawings, sketches, and detailed examples.

Statistical Process Control Methods for Long & Short Runs (SECOND EDITION)

This book, also an ASQ best seller, covers methods for applying Statistical Process Control in both traditional mass production type operations and short production run operations.