Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing


Basic to Intermediate Level
Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to cover interpretation and applications of GD&T for any participants. The course covers ASME Y14.5 standard. Participants include any Engineers, Quality Personnel, and/or Shop Personnel. This course is a pre-requisite to Advanced GD&T training for Engineers.

Course Length

24 Hrs.


Gary K. Griffith

Training Materials

Geometric Tolerancing by Gary K. Griffith

A. General / Fundamental Rules
B. Symbols
C. Modifiers
D. Datums
E. Tolerance Zones
F. Virtual Condition/ Virtual Size

Form Tolerances
A. Flatness
B. Straightness
C. Circularity
D. Cylindricity

Orientation Tolerances
A. Review of datums
B. Secondary Alignment datums
C. Parallelism
D. Perpendicularity
E. Angularity
Runout Tolerances
A. Coaxial Controls
B. Definition of Runout
C. Circular Runout
D. Total Runout

Profile Tolerances
A. Introduction to Profile
B. Bilateral/Unilateral zones
C. Basic dimensions
D. Profile of a Line
E. Profile of a Surface
F. Profile – Coplanar Surfaces
G. Other Profile Applications

Location Tolerances
A. Symmetry
B. Concentricity
C. Position