Certified Mechanical Inspector Refresher
Hours: 24 (For Exam), 48 (Full Course)
Text: Quality Technician’s Handbook by Gark K. Griffith (Prentice Hall)
  • Introduction To Inspection
    A. The Need And Function
    B. Specifications & Standards
    C. Types Of Inspection
    D. Prevention vs. Detection
  • Inspection Tools & Equipment
    A. Basic Hand Tools
    B. Measurement Definitions
    C. Fixed Gages
    D. Surface Plates
    E. Optical Comparators
  • Inspection Planning
    A. Concepts/Objectives
    B. Instrument Selection
    C. Reporting
    D. Classification of Characteristics/Defects
  • Lot-By-Lot Sampling Tables
    A. Classification Of Characteristics
    B. Risks
    C. Random Sampling/Levels
    D. Using Sampling Tables
    E. Non-conforming Materials
    F. Use Of Quality Data
  • Statistical Methods
    A. Introduction to SPC
    B. Control Charts For Variables
    C. Control Charts For Attributes
    D. Process Capability
  • Drawings & GDT
    A. Basic Blueprint Reading
    B. Principles Of GDT
    C. Statistical Tolerancing
    D. GDT Symbols
    E. Material Modifiers
    F. Datums
    G. Bonus & Additional Tolerances
  • Materials & Processes
    A. Typical Defects By Processes
    B. Typical Defects In Materials
    C. Types Of Processes
  • Dimensional Metrology
    A. Measurement Standards
    B. Traceability
    C. Accuracy & Precision
    D. Calibration
    E. Care and Maintenance Of Gages
    F. Measuring Instruments
  • Inspection Mathematics
    A. Common Formulas
    B. Geometric Relationships
    C. Trig Functions
    D. Algebraic Equations
    E. Metric System & Metric Conversions
  • Review/Exam