Certified Quality Auditor Refresher Course
Hours: 32
  • Audit Principles
    A. Audits
    (Quantative Measurement, Qualitative Evaluation, Assessing Effectiveness of Quality Program & Suppliers)
    B. Types and Applications of Audits
    C. Audit Relationships & Responsibilities
    (Inter-functional Relationships, Auditee/Auditor Relationships)
    D. Organizational Use Of Audits
    E. Staffing & Training For Quality Audits
    F. Scheduling Audits
    (Different Audit Modes, Audit Schedules)
    G. Audit Program Evaluation
    (Criteria For An Effective Audit, Evaluating the Audit Program)
    H. Principles Of Operations Management
    (Planning, Organizing, Controlling)
  • Audit Applications
    A. Establishing Valid Audit Standards
    (Defining Subject and Scope, Validating the Quality Program)
    B. Conducting the Audit
    (Preparation, Pre-Audit Planning, Checklists)
    C. Reporting Audit Results
    (The Exit Briefing, Observations vs. Findings, Probability Statements, Quantitave Measures [Sample Size/Confidence, Sample Point Estimates, Confidence Limits, Confident Intervals], Weighted Averages, Classification of Deficiencies, Quality Costs of Deficiencies)
    D. Using Audit Reports & Data
    E. System & Procedures Audits
    F. Process Audits
    G. Product Audits
    H. Supplier Audits