Certified Quality Technician Exam Preparatory Course
Course Outline (36 Hours)
  • Introduction
    Quality Assurance
    Total Quality Control
  • Applications
    Classifcation Of Characteristics
    Inspection Planning & Methods
    Non-Conforming Material Control
    Quality Data & Reports
  • SPC Methods
    Basic Statistics
    Control Charts & Histograms
  • Sampling Plans
    Probability & Sampling
    O.C. Curves & Risks
  • Reliability
    Failure Rate
    Bathtub Curve
  • Metrology & Calibration
    Standards of Measurement
    Calibration Systems & Definitions
  • Quality Costs
    Costs Categories
    Prevention Vs Detection
    Tracking Quality Costs
  • Quality Audits
    System & Product Audits
    Audit Tracking & Reporting
  • Shop Math
    Basic Geometry/Trig.
    Simple Algebra

    Course Length
    12 Weeks, One Night Per Week, 3 Hours per night
    Required Textbood
    The Quality Technicians’ Handbook by Gary Griffith (Prentice Hall)
    Membership/Exam Costs
    ASQC Membership and exam fees are separate from course fees.
    This course assume that each individual has the experience/education combination required to sit for the ASQC exam. It also assumes an equal amount of class hour versus homework hours are spent by the students. There is, due to many factors, no guarantee that the students will pass the exam. However, GT has one of the highest pass rates in all sections of ASQC.