Gage Repeatability & Reproductibility (R&R) Studies (SPC-4) Course Outline
Hours: 8 Hours
Introduction: This course covers methods for planning and conducting Gage R&R studies and methods for isolating causes when Gage R&R studies fail.
Text: SPC Methods for Long & Short Runs by Gary Griffith
Pre-Requisite: None
Suggested Audience: All personnel who are responsible for measurement and gaging support and for conducting Gage R&R studies.
  • Introduction
  • Variability In Measurements
    How it affects SPC
    How to avoid it
  • Planning For Gage R&R
    How to avoid false failures
    Preparing the study
    Measurement practices
    Applicable gages/personnel
    Why/When to use Gage R&R
  • Gage R&R Methods
    Range Methods
    Range Method (Long Form)
    Range Method (Short Form)
  • Improving Gage R&R Problems
    Reducing Equipment Variation (EV)
    Reducing Appraiser Variation (AV)
    Reducing Total Variation (R&R)