Introduction: This course focuses on methods and techniques for completing an analysis of tolerance stackups for interchangeability. Statistical Stackup Analysis is not included (Optional: add 8 hours to course time)
Tolerance Stackup Analysis Course Outline (16 Hours)

Pre-Requisite: GD&T Recommended

  • Typical Problems
  • Types of Tolerances
  • The Baseline for Stackups
  • Tolerance Conversion for Stackup Purposes
  • Types of Tolerance Stackups
  • Designt Constraints
  • Algebraic Versus Min/Max Method
  • Linear Stackups
    Practice Problems
  • Radial Stackups
    Practice Problems
  • The Affects of Geometric Tolerances
  • Position Tolerance Stackups
  • Virtual and Resultant Conditions
  • Tolerance Analysis
    Fixed Fastner Case
    Floating Fastner Case
  • Solution to Practice Problems