has been in business for over 20 years, providing in-plant training and consulting for quality productivity and improvement. GT offers training on-site and tailored to your products, designs and processes. GT also prepares various training and drafting room manuals for design.

The Industrial Trainer

The Quality Technician’s Handbook
Geometric Dimensioning
and Tolerancing

The Quality Technicians' Handbook
5th Ed. Published by Prentice Hall

This book, an ASQ best seller, and a strong reference for the ASQC Certified Quality Technician and Certified Mechanical Inspector Examinations.

Statistical Process Ccontrol Methods for Long & Short Runs
2nd Ed., published by ASQC Quality Press

This book, also an ASQ best seller, covers methods for applying Statistical Process Control in both traditional mass production type operations and short production run operations.

Measuring & Gaging Geometric Tolerances
Prentice Hall

This book covers the introduction, interpretation, applications, and measuring and gaging methods for geometric tolerances.

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (Applications & Inspection)
Prentice Hall

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
Self Published

Available in four different sets (only with GT Seminars/Courses)
GD&T per ANSI Y14.5M - 1982 Standard
GD&T per ASME Y14.5M-1994 Standard
Functional Gage Design & Applications
Advanced GD&T
Tolerance Stackup Analysis