Quality Auditor Training Course



24 Hours


Quality Audits For Improved Performance By D. Arter


Purpose & Objectives

Types and Applications of Audits
1. Systems / Procedures Audits
2. Process / Product Audits

Audit Relationships & Responsibilities
Inter-functional relationships
Auditee/Auditor relationships

Organizational use of Audits

Staffing & Training For Quality Audits

Scheduling Audits
1. Different audit modes
2. Audit schedules

Criteria for an effective audit

Evaluating the audit program

Establishing Valid Audit Standards

Planning The Audit
1. Preparation
2. Reqm’ts Review
3. Checklists

Conducting the Audit
1. Interviewing
2. Objective Evidence
3. Audit Trail
4. Tentative Findings
5. Vital Few

The Exit Briefing

Observations vs. Findings

Classification of Deficiencies

Quality Costs of Deficiencies

Using Audit Reports & Data

Obtaining Effective Corrective Action