Statistical Process Control for Short Production Runs



This course covers methods and techniques for SPC as applied to short production runs. Techniques covered help to successfully implement SPC for any production run lengths.

Course Length

24 Hours
Add 8 Hours for Tailored Workshop


SPC Methods for Long & Short Runs
by Gary K. Griffith


• Goals & Benefits
• Definitions of a “Short Run”
• How to Focus on the Process

Process Control Planning
• Product and Process Families
• Variables Control Chart Applications
• Attributes Control Chart Applications
• The SPC Process Control Plan
• Methods for Coding Data

Control Charts for Variables
• Representative Tests
• Target Average & Range Charts
• Short Run Average and Range Charts
• Target Average & Sigma Charts
• Short Run Average & Sigma Charts
• Individuals & Moving Ranges
• Interpretation

Control Charts for Attributes
• Historical Data vs. Captured Data
• Standardized Attributes Charts
“p” chart
“c” chart
“u” chart
• Interpretation

Interpreting Control Charts
• Basic “Quick Look” Interpretation
• Specific Patterns & Causes
• Interpretation of Averages & Ranges together
• Short Run Viewpoint

Process Capability
• Capability Cases
• Cp, Cpk
• Control Chart Methods
• Potential Capability Studies
• Areas Under the Normal Curve
• Predicting % Yield